Asian men hairstyles

Asian hair is very supple. It’s straight, thin but plenty and it’s difficult to make it sit flat or still on your head. For those who have Asian hair, you very well know what I mean when I say you can decide to flatten it in one direction and it surprisingly springs into action, back the other way. But with the right cut, all this can disappear. Proper styling tips are also helpful and you can achieve these great Asian hairstyles for men if you are determined.

The classic Mohawk

asian mohawk

The Mohawk or faux hawk is a great style choice for Asian men. When properly cut, the hair texture and thickness significantly reduces the hours spent styling your hair. This particular style is wild, fun and youthful. It is easy to keep since it can be worn with or without styling products. To suit your mood, you can always add color to your Mohawk. This style is perfect for most face shapes and it’s very common with college going students and young professionals. The best thing about Mohawk is that you can always change it to match your mood. Some men will prefer the shorter trend while others will pick the longer daring styles. Whatever you pick, just make sure you plan some time for styling it every day and you won’t go wrong. Kim Jae Joong Long pulls off the long faux hawk hairstyle and looks amazing.

Spiky hairstyle

Cool Asian hairstyle

There is some masculinity in the spiky hairstyles sported by Asian men. Spikes make any length hairs hit among grown men as well as young boys. The little spikes add some glamor and charm to ones appearance. Any fashion conscious Asian man can effortless pull off this style. It is versatile and the spikes can be worn from different angles to create different styles. It is a great hairstyle for men who love to work and be active in sports. When combined with a clean shaved face, it gives a more masculine and professional look. Takeshi Kaneshiro looks great in this spiky hair do.

Asian brown hairstyle

Brown hair color on asian hair

Adding brown color to your hair can liven up your hairstyle and make it more attractive. In this style, the thickness is enhanced by layering at the top and styling a neat crop on the sides. The color brings a dramatic twist to an otherwise unnoticeable, professional hairstyle. If you are bold enough, you can try blues and purples since these colors complement Asian skin tones to create unique styles. Oguri Shun, famous Japanese actor has worn this trendy style.

Pony punk hairstyle

Cool hairstyles for asian men

To rock this style perfectly, you first need to visit your barber so that the hair at the sides of the head is razor shaved. The remaining hair should be long enough to be held in a pony tail at the back of the head. This hairstyle can fit most face structures but it requires a bold man to wear it. It is unique and you will definitely stand out in the crowds. Kim Jun Su was once spotted wearing this unique hairstyle.

Short Asian hair style

short asian hairstyle

This is one of the popular hairstyles with Asian men. This style has lots of volume and it helps in distracting attention from the thick and straight Asian hair. The back is faded to a clean point therefore accentuating the face. This style is a bit longer than a crop and it allows the hair to peek just above the hairline creating a cool look. Most Asians can wear this simple yet bold style. To boost the roots, you can use a product that will thicken them and provide a strong hold throughout the day. Xian Jun always wears this cool hairstyle.

Shaggy Asian hairstyle

shaggy asian hairstyle

If you are looking for a radical hairstyle, give this hairstyle a try. It mainly fits Asian men with angular face shapes to create something that’s completely unique. Most Asian men do not shy off from trying out new hairstyles. If you are one of them, this is the style to try out so as to boost your self confidence. You may ask your hairdresser to finish this blunt choppy look by using razors. To make the texture more compelling, you can always add shorter layers. For a long lasting look throughout the day, use some styling wax to hold the hairs firm. Kim Jae has also tried this fantastic hairstyle.

The hairstyle you wear defines your personality and having the right kind of hairstyle can really enhance your features. The kind of style you pick highly depends on your lifestyle and face structure. If you are a student, go for short layered hairstyles that set off your face and impress girls. Shaggy layers are an exciting style in which most Asian men can try out whether young or grown. It is also important to use the recommended products for each style so that your hair may look great. The above are some styles that you can try with your Asian hair so, go ahead and show your personality with these new hairstyles.

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