Black men haircuts

If you are a black man, you naturally have kinky thick hair which provides you with many options you can have your hair cut and styled. Black men have very many varieties of hairstyles to choose from ranging from the traditional lengths: short, medium and long. Although the choices are long, black men prefer short and medium hair styles due their low maintenance and also because they give a very stylish look.

Your hairstyle tells a lot about you. Men who love sports for instance, wear trendy short hairstyles or creative Mohawks. On the other hand, artists opt for braided hairstyles or the natural curly look while younger men love messy hairstyles with a cool look that drive girls crazy. Regardless of your age, you can always find ways to wear your kinky hair with style and sophistication. So pick from these cool black mens hairstyles worn by some of the most stylish celebrities and you will be turning that dull hairdo into a magnificent look in minutes!

The total shave

blackmen total shave

Most men are afraid of completely shaving their hair and going totally bald on the top. The thought of losing your hair before its natural period may seem scary, but most black men who choose to totally shave their hair show that being bald is nothing to be afraid of. Tyrese Gibson flaunts his shiny head with class and style. This is a very easy style to wear and it does not require any maintenance products. When paired with a perfect wardrobe, it gives you killer looks. For a man who can pull off this style, it clearly shows you are confident and it gives you sleek sexual appeal.

Closely cut perfection

closely cut with a star design hairstyle

This hairstyle is very simple and requires no maintenance costs. It emphasizes your handsome facial features and can be combined with a short beard and a well trimmed moustache. Jamie Foxx wears this style with a lot of class. It gives him a refined look in red carpet events and a perfect laid back look in the street .It is the perfect style for a black man who always has a busy schedule and it compliments a casual look very fast for weekends or parties.

Well coifed afro

well coifed afro

Long unkempt dreadlocks have been out of fashion for some time now. However, if you really love your dreadlocks, there are trendier ways of rocking this style. Guitarist Kele Okereke who sings for the Brit group Block party shows how short dreadlocks should be worn. Check out the Brits and then try pulling off this hairstyle. This style will look great on young men and it also compliments any street wear. Wearing this cool hairdo shows that you are an urban trendy guy who is aware of taste and style, together with modern mens fashion.

Classy curls and natural look

curly hairstyle for blackmen

This is a great hairstyle for black men. It is perfect for most face structures and it gives a cool trendy appearance. It is neither short nor long and it perfectly shows the kinky texture of your hair at its best. Rapper Kid Cudi celebrated as one of the most stylish New Yorkers has tried this cool style. You can choose to color it at the ends if you are bold enough but either way, it looks great. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain because you only need to apply just a small amount of moisturizing gel and you are good to go.

Creative Mohawk

Black creative mohawk

Black men love to experiment with daring hairstyles. The creative Mohawk is one of the variations of the conservative Mohawk styles. You can try this style with side patterns to give you a bold look. It is a very popular style with the urban college going men and young professionals who are confident enough. You will need to visit your hairstylist regularly to shape back the patterns so that the hair does not overgrow on the sides. It is an easy style to wear since you require very little amount of products to moisturize your hair. Kevin Prince Boateng, who once played for the Milan football club has worn this hairstyle.

Black men hairstyles are cool and they define your natural black hair perfectly. Black hair is fun, playful and inventive. These black men hairstyles are some of the trendiest and can give you stunning looks for both formal and casual events. You can always keep your hair neat and manageable with this easy to work with styles.

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