Mens Long Hairstyles: Find The Best Long Hairstyles For Men

Your hairstyle is one of the first things other people notice. Men with long hair often stand out in a crowd. They are easily noticed. There are many reasons as to why men like to keep their hair long one significant reason being to avoid visiting the barber shop often. Short hair requires regular trimming and therefore regular visits to the barber shop.

If you opt to keep your hair long, you will need a lot of patience. The transitional period in which the hair is neither long nor short is the most difficult because you cannot sweep it behind your ears. During this period, the hairstyle feels and looks clumsy. Baseball caps and an iron will come in handy in this difficult phase. It takes a lot of courage and determination for a man to keep long hair. Wearing a long mane therefore requires a lot of self confidence. Not every man can pull off this hairstyle. Men with long hair attract admiration from women as well as other men. Many people in the society have their own notions about men with long hairstyles. They are associated with a rebellious character that is unwilling to conform to societal norms.

Most Popular Mens Long Hairstyles

The Mantail

mens long hairstyles Middle PartThis subtle look appears very neat and trim and allows for a great offering of cleanliness and long hair appeal that is definitely worth growing. It is a very professional look and most offices allow this kind of mens long hairstyle. It is also very comfortable because you do not have to always keep pushing hair out of your face. This hairstyle is perfect for most face shapes and hair densities. Antonio Banderas looks great with long hair. He wore this look the whole of 2007 and always looked stunning.

Long and Curly

 Long_curly mens long hairstylesThis is a very popular and trendy mens long hairstyle. If you want to achieve this look, you simply let it grow with the same length allowing it to be curly to your desired length. This is the most growing trend in long hairstyles for men and it gives you an amazing overall look. There are several celebrities who love to rock this hair style such as Hugh Grant, Adrain Greiner and Justin Guarini among others.

The Distinguished Man

mens long hairstyles:Distinguished ManLong hair for men is not just for the young. Long neat hair also looks sophisticated on grown men as well. This style is perfect for mature men who love to try out different styles. It is perfect for all facial shapes and you will look better if you have a thick hair density. At his 50s, Fabio still looks great with this long hair style.

Middle Part

mens long hairstyles - Middle PartThis style is best for the weekend when you need to try out something new. It may take you a few more minutes to style but you will love the look. You simply create a part in the center of your head and allow the curls to air dry. Anyone can wear this style since its perfect for all face shapes. Viggo Mortensen who is famous for the role he played in “Lord of the Rings” once rocked this look.

Pony Tail

mens long hairstyles Men-ponytail-hairThis is the most common style for men among different societies. This style is perfectly professional and it makes you appear well polished and organized in the office. It is very easy to wear this style so you will not spend a lot of time in the morning making your hair. Brad Pitt is one celebrity who has worn the pony tail during various occasions but right now he has cut his hair for a recent movie shoot.

bradpit ponytail mens long hairstyles

These are some lovely long hairstyles for men that you can try but before picking a certain long hairstyle, it is important to consider the shape of your face. Some styles are meant for certain face shapes while others can look good on any face shape. Get ideas from the internet, mens magazines and television from individuals who have the same face shape as yours. You may also ask your hairdresser for advice on the most suitable style for your hair.

Grooming Tips For Men

Long hair will always show how you are taking care of it so it’s important to treat it in the best way you can. Use the best quality conditioners, shampoos and other care products in the market. This does not mean you buy those overly expensive products. There are affordable quality hair care products for mens long hairstyles. There is nothing that turns people off so much than a greasy head so always use warm water and shampoo to wash your hair. If you are not great on hygiene then forget long hair.

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