Mens Medium Hairstyles – Your Guide To Medium Hairstyles For Men

Men just like women also like to try out something new and cool with their hair. Having a new hairstyle is one of the best ways to look stylish and modern. But picking the new hairstyle can be a tough task since you have to put several factors into consideration like job, budget, face shape, personal style and hair type. But if you are really good at styling your own hair, a mens medium length hairstyle is the coolest style that every man should be wearing. It enhances a man’s masculinity and overall appearance.

A person’s hairstyle defines their personality to a large extent. Medium hairstyles for men are quite difficult to maintain because treatment options are limited. However, if you are determined to rock this hairstyle, you need to be creative. This is one style that can instantly change your look to extremely charming and fantastic. If you are thinking of trying the medium length hairstyle, here are some styles that you can easily try out.

Hottest Men’s Medium Hairstyles Are…

Slicked Back Hairstyle

medium hairstyles for guys Slicked Back HairstyleFrom models to hipsters, almost all celebrities have worn this medium to short hairstyles. It’s popular because of its superstar look. This style is eye catching and extremely attractive. It is also very neat and easy to maintain making it so common. You can combine it with the straight combed hairs at the back or across. Brad Pitt once wore this style and he looked very stunning. Liam Hemsworth has also rocked this style effortlessly.

Charming Side Part

mens medium hairstyles Charming Side PartThis is one of the oldest medium length hairstyle yet very stylish. If you are creative with this hairstyle, it can give you a very handsome appearance. Always keep the sides slightly trimmed and set the hair at the back to give a contrast to the hair at the top creating a more voluminous look. If the front hair is smoothly parted at the side, it surprisingly complements your facial structure giving you a striking look. To get this style perfectly, use a product that gives a strong hold and shine without weighing your hair down. Daniel Radcliffe once wore this medium hairstyle.

Medium Side Bang

medium hairstyles for men with Medium Side Bangmedium hairstyles for menThis medium length hairstyle will definitely give you a sexy and trendy look. It is quite easy to wear and it takes a few minutes to style. You combine your medium cut hair with side bangs and you are done. Ian Somerhalder wore this hairstyle the whole of 2013. He looks really stunning and trendy. This is a style every man with a medium hairstyle should try. You can choose to part it at the middle part or on the sides. Whatever side you choose to part, this is the coolest medium hairstyle.

Medium Layered Hair With Front Bangs

mens medium hairstyles Medium Layered Hair With Front BangsThis is one of the newest medium hairstyles that will make you stand out in any crowds. If your hair is brown, this is just the perfect style for you. It will give you a unique personality and enhance your facial appearance. This hairstyle is great for men with oval or pear facial shapes. You just let your hair grow to a medium length and then style it to cover your forehead and ears. To keep this style neat always, it is advisable to visit your hairstylist regularly so that your hair can be trimmed. Bangs are suitable for professionals because they give them a trendy look. Although Ryan Hansen has blond hair, he has rocked bangs and he looked great.

Relaxed Pompadour Hairstyle

guys medium cool hairstyles Relaxed Pompadour Relaxed Pompadour guys medium hairstyles with IanThis trendy hairstyle brings out all the features in an attractive and brave man. It works well for both formal and casual places. It also suits most outfits from casual wear to formal wear. It may take you some more minutes to style, but the look is worth each minute spent styling it. John Stamos has always pulled this style and is an inspiration to all men who love medium hairstyles.

Did You Find The Right Medium Hairstyle For Men?

Having a medium hairstyle gives you so many styling options that can be wavy, straight or even part shaved. Guys medium hairstyles show the softer and charismatic side of a man. It never defines whether you are actually growing your hair or you haven’t had the time to visit your barber. The great thing about medium hairstyle is that it is very versatile and if you use the right products, you can always have a new look every day. When you are doing the haircut, always ask your hairstylist for a square shape because a round shape will make you appear too feminine. Whatever medium hairstyle you chose, don’t over style it!

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