Mens Short Hairstyles: Coolest Short Hairstyles For Men

More than ever before, men are experimenting with hair cuts, products, styles and mens short hairstyles is not exempted in the current trend. The secret to keeping your short hairstyle looking fabulous always is texture. When your visit your hairdresser, always ask them to cut more texture, that way, you can create very cool hair styles at the top. Shorter hair will require you to visit the hair salon more often so as to keep the hairline in a good shape and trim any unwanted neck hairs. If you feel like rocking a short hairstyle, try some of these great styles worn by several celebrities.

What Are The Hottest Short Hairstyles For Me?

Short Dapper Hairstyle

mens Short dapper hairstyleThis style is very elegant and smart suitable for high executive men. In this style, the hair is kept neat and very clean with trims on the sides. It is very popular among men who are fit and affluent. It is simple yet very trendy and stylish for the contemporary man. The ability to morph your short hair into a well groomed and dapper shape can be made easier if you use products with a high shine and creatively shape with a comb to create a smoother finish. Zac Efron looks very handsome in this short hairstyle.

Crew Cut Hairstyle

mens short Crew cut hairstylemens short Crew cut hairstyleThis cut appears like an extreme short hair cut but it differs because it gives the hair a thick look. It requires little or no products to maintain and it’s mainly suitable for men in the army or for pilots. This is why army men always prefer it because it doesn’t need any extra products like gels to wear it. This hairstyle is very versatile appearing so cool when worn messy, glossy, or spiked. It’s also easy to take care in whatever season whether its summer, rainy or winter. If you have a well toned body, try this style. It increases your sex appeal. David Beckham has been a chameleon with his hair and he once pulled off this hairstyle and he looked so cool.

Short Bangs

Short dapper hairstyle for menMen also love to keep complete short bang hairs. These styles are very easy to fix and also modern. Bangs can be worn by almost all face shapes and ages. It is suitable for all personalities and professionals and it gives a trendy look. Hugh Lauries has worn this style and he looked really charming and attractive.

Slicked Across Hair

mens Slicked Across Hair short hairstylesmens short Slicked Across HairThis is one of the popular short hairstyles everywhere now. It gives you convenience combined with some style. You need to explain to your barber carefully so that you can get the right cut to fit your lifestyle and hair type. If you plan to keep this style trendy, you need to style it carefully to achieve that smart look you are looking for. When styling, part your hair to one side and then rub the product you are using in your hands through your hair to add texture and spikes towards the back. You can also use a comb to push hair in the opposite direction from the part. You then smoothen hair with your fingers and you are all set. Daniel Radcliffe has sported the slicked across hair style with some extra height at the hairline.

Undercut Sides

mens short hairstyles Undercut Sides_mgmens short Undercut Sides hairstylesIf you have very thick hair that is wavy or curly, a short undercut is the best hairstyle. Undercuts can be the best option to tame unruly hair and make styling your short hair very easy. Undercuts are best paired up with beards for that stunning appearance. Mario Gomez, a soccer player is fond of this style and he was wore it the whole of 2012.

Bravado Hairstyle

mens short Bravado-HairstyleThis short hair style was inspired by Johnny Bravo, a famous cartoon character. The volume of the hair is normally worn at a side of the face highlighting your facial structure. It gives you a cool and handsome look which is very trendy. This hairstyle is versatile and it can be worn by both the grown men and young boys. You will need a little extra time to pull off this style but that should not hinder you from trying such a cool hairstyle. Hip hop star Drake once rocked this style.

Try A Short Haircuts For Men

Many men’s short hairstyles are fun, unique and sleek. Often, how a man wears his hair provides some insight on himself and how he wishes to be perceived by other people. With so many short hairstyles to pick from, there is no excuse to settle for a dull hairdo ever again.


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