Modern hairstyles for men

Some men wear the same hairstyle for years while others like trying new hairstyles every now and then. Whatever you like, here are some modern hairstyles that you can try to give you surprising effect on your overall look.

Modern pompadour style

the modern pompadour hairstyle

This hair is very flexible and its suitable for most faces shapes and hair types. All men can wear this hairstyle although the extremity of the cut should be considered not only for your personal style but for a professional look too. To pull off this style just like Bruno Mars, ask your hairstylist to hold the sides with grade one clippers. You can also opt for a skin fade where the haircut starts from.

You should clipper the hair up high to form a curve on the head ensuring you keep a higher length on the top part. This can be joined with the crown letting the hair to fall just below the crown area. It is important to balance the style with the shape of your face. If you have an oval face shape, you should try to keep some length through the sides while the top is kept a bit slicker and closer to the head. For men with round facial features, ensure you take the sides tighter and allow more volume on top to elongate your facial appearance. This is a very high maintenance style in terms of products and time required to style it. To keep it always looking nice, you should visit your stylist weekly to have the sides well tidied.

Layered hairstyle

layered hairstyle

This short hair appeals so much to men because it is very easy to style and maintain. All you need is a comb and a little hair wax and you have a stunning hairdo. The side hair is cut razor short while the top hair is left just a little longer. The hair left should be sufficient to create a nice side parting. Singer and record producer Gary Barlow wears this style and combines it with a well done designer beard giving him a tough but cool appearance.

Undercut curly hairstyle

undercut hairstyle

This hair cut for modern guys with curly hair is a combination of undercut sides and some longer bangs cut out at an angle. Joe Jonas is a top poster boy for men with curly hair and he has displayed different cool hairstyles. You can wear this hairdo with hair styled a bit forward, pulled across or with some extra height. Always use a strong hold product to hold the style properly. This style is dramatic and can be worn by bold men who are not afraid of trying new hairstyles.

Long and curly hairstyle

long and curly

This hairstyle has a very long history of masculinity. Lenny Kravitz, Russel Bran and Slash have tried this trendy modern hairstyle. If you are planning to keep this hairstyle from the beginning, there is definitely going to be an awkward period. You cannot avoid this phase but it’s really worth it if you want to rock this style. You need to condition it every day and use shampoo at least once a week. A leave in conditioner would be best so as to add definition and reduce frizz. After washing your hair, do not rub it to dry, instead, blot it with an old t-shirt and then gently comb while it is wet with a wide tooth comb. Visit a hairstylist who knows how to work with curly hair so as to give you a great haircut that is easy to maintain. This hairstyle is great for most ages and face shapes and if your hair is curly, this is the style to rock.

Long classic hairstyle

long classic hairstyle

When it comes to long hair, always keep it simple. You do not need fringes, texture or layers. Just keep all your hair one length but ensure you get it trimmed because you want this to be your hairstyle not merely overgrown shag. Jared Leto and Josh Holloway have the perfect long modern hairstyle. However, you will need to work with your hair type. If it is curly, you will need to talk to your hairstylist to establish the perfect cut. If you have wavy hair, just let it flow. The wave becomes more manageable due to the weight of longer hair.

No matter your age or background, you can try out some of the above interesting modern looks. A fresh hairdo can work wonders on your self esteem and also increase attention from other people. When it comes to wearing a modern hairstyle, only your imagination can limit you.

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