New Hairstyles for men

Styling hair is not only meant for women anymore. Men can also do a lot with their hair apart from just toweling it dry. There are a lot of new wearable easy to care hairstyles for men. These new hairstyles were a major hit back in the 1990s and it’s a combination of the old meets the new. They are a great inspiration for men who love to try out new hairstyles and can be worn by both young and aged men. If you are the type of man who is not afraid to try out new hairstyles, here are some of the newest styles for you.

The Mainstream Hipster.

Hipster hairstyles

This is the most common hairstyle right now. This style goes with men of all ages whether old or young. Justin Bieber and David Beckham have put on this look and they looked fantastic. If you are bold enough and you are looking for some edge, try this new hairstyle. You can do it yourself if you have fine to medium or wavy to straight hair. But if you have thickened or very curly hair, you should consider consulting your hairdresser to guide you. When cutting the hair, leave at least some inches on top of the head to create the pomp. The length on the sides can be short or medium depending on the style you prefer. When styling, always use a product to hold the hair so that it stays in place.

The Caesar

The ceaser hairstyle

This hairstyle popular among Romans just won’t go away. Gerard Butler recently resurfaced with this new hairstyle. It is a great hairstyle for a man who is low maintenance. If you have fine, thick, straight or wavy hair, you will definitely look extremely charming in this new hairstyle. To wear this style, you need to cut your hair equally on the sides and top at a length that is short. To maintain this style, you may need some products to keep it looking clean always. Ask your hairstylist to recommend some of the best products available in the market.

The mountain man

The mountain man

This is one of the newest hairstyle that fits all men. Any man can rock this style as long as you have hair and manage to appear presentable in all places. You let your beard grow to a full length and then add a dramatic twist by wearing a clean square cut. Metro men like Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling are wearing this cool new hairstyle. You can add texture to your square cut and allow your beard to grow. Always trim the beard to keep it looking neat and trendy.

The Prohibition high and tight

The prohibition high and tight


This hairstyle was a huge hit in the 1920s has made a very strong comeback. It is a very trendy and masculine new hairstyle which looks great on men with oval face shapes. Tom hardy has been spotted rocking this cool look with scruff. If you have wavy or curly hair, this style is not for you. It works well with straight, fine, medium or thick hair. The sides should always be kept as short as possible fading the shorter hair towards the nape of your neck and the sideburns. Leave some hair on the top and edges a bit blunt. Use gel to always keep your hair in place.

The flow and comb

The flow and comb hairstyle

If you want some length on your hair but not the whole coif, this style goes for most professionals. It is not as douchy as the slicked back businessman style and the most important thing in this style is adding length. On the red carpet, Chris Hesworth looks stunning in this style. It nicely fits into men with straight, thick and fine hairs. You can always request your hairstylist to give you a classic square cut but make it a bit longer on the sides and the front. Comb back your wet hair using a mousse and leave it to naturally dry.

The urban and metro sexual man seeks to increase his desirability by sporting the newest trendy hairstyle. These are some of the newest hairstyles to look for if you want a new hairstyle that will leave people staring at you. Men now more than ever, are embracing new hairstyles so if you are courageous enough, try this new hairstyles for men and you will surely love the transformation.

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